2.en.06 Describing people: My family, my friends

Now that we have watched Matilda you will have to write a description of some of the characters. Below you can see a presentation that will help you to make better descriptions:

Describing Appearance

You can also have a look in this website:

Describing Personality

Click on the image below to learn some useful words to describe personality

Describing Ability

How could we describe the skills and abilities people have? Find out by clicking at the pic below


Now you can describe two of the characters in the film. Use the images in the presentation below and write a description of the two characters your teacher will assign to you:

My family, my friends

Use the materials in the presentation to write two different descriptions, one must be a member of your family and the second one of your friends.

So, if we have to talk about families maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea that we revise some vocabulary and expressions about how to do it!

Let’s have a look at the links below:

  1. Talking about your family (i)
  2. Talking about your family (ii)
  3. Talking about families

Listen to Pancho talking about his family and answer the questions:


Comparing people

Click on the image below to learn more about making comparisons:


Sam and Jack are friends. Sam wants to play Game of Kings, but Jack is more interested in Sam’s family.


Kelly has made a new friend, Yoko, from Japan and she’s written an email to tell Yoko about her family. Read the email and answer the questions:



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