3.en.08 Food, Food, Food

Is food important for you? and for your classmates? Today we’ll find out completing a questionaire. Probably some questions will be more difficult to answer than others but by the end we will know a lot about how you love your food!

These are your questions. Answer them in your notebook

  1. Do you ever skip breakfast? If so, how often and why?
  2. Do you like trying new foods? What was your latest discovery?
  3. How often do you or your parents go shopping for food? Do you go with them?
  4. How many meals do you usually have in a day?
  5. Does your family have any special recipes that are passed down from generation to generation? Which one?
  6. Have you ever eaten something that made you ill?
  7. Do you have any food allergies?
  8. Do you use spices in your meals? Which is your favourite?
  9. What’s your favourite snack?
  10. Do you like deep fried food?
  11. Are there any foods that you wouldn’t eat as a child that you eat now?
  12. Do you eat fruit every day? How many pieces on average?
  13. Do you think fast food. soda and sweets should be sold in school cafeterias? What do you buy in the school cafeteria?
  14. Is there any food you really dislike
  15. What kind of vegetables do you like? Can you name three?
  16. When was the last time you ate in a restaurant?
  17. Have you ever found something disgusting in your food? What was it?
  18. Have you ever been to a pot-luck dinner? What did you bring?
  19. What is your favourite pizza topping?
  20. What did you have for lunch yesterday?
  21. Can youcook? What dish can you cook?
  22. Have you ever tried any exotic food?
  23. How long do you or your parents spend in the kitchen every day preparing family meals?

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