2.en.07 Migratory Movements

What things make people move from their country of origin?

Have a look at this video to learn about some issues related to international migration movements:

Sending money to your home country

In the video they have commented on the importance of the amount of money immigrants send to their countries of origin.

This is called remittance money. We are going to explore what quantities are sent from country to country in an interactive map. Just click on the map below:

I am a migrant

Today we are going to explore the lives of different migrants:


You must visit the website “i am a migrant”, where you will find hundreds of stories of migrants. Read two of the stories of people from the same countries you researched before.

Click on the image below:

In your notebook note down as much as possible of the following:

  • Name and age (if possible)
  • Country of origin and current country
  • How the person travelled (alone, with family)
  • How long they have lived in the new country
  • Job or occupation in the new country
  • Reasons for emigrating (push and pull factors)
  • What is their life like in the new country
  • Impressions of the new country

Now, be ready to share this information with your classmates.

Watch the video below and learn Nuha and Mohammed’s story about relocation to Spain:

History of Immigration in the US

Now we are going to explore the site of the Grout Museum of History & Science, so we are going to learn about immigration in Grout, Iowa (US). Click on the photo below to start:

immigrants in us



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